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The department of Malayalam started with the inception of the college in 1957. Until 2012, this department was a subsidiary department.  Now it is the UG department.  The department currently has six faculty members, including four permanent faculty members and two guest faculty members, including a journalism teachers.

Teaching Tradition of the Department

From the beginning up to now, this department is run by those persons who are experienced and proficient in different domain such as cultural and literary sphere. Prof. Karimbuzha Ramakrishnan, Dr. D. Benjamin, Prof. Anandakuttan, Thonnakkal Vasudevan, Prof.  M. Thomas Mathew,  Dr. B. Rajeevan, Prof. Aliyar  are the most renounced persons in the beginning and then Dr. Kannan, M.A Rahman, Ibrahim Bevinje, Ramadevi and Dr. Balanandan who gave their esteemed direction and sacrament for the successful operation of this department over different ages. Pro. Aliyar is a popular actor and dubbing artist in Malayalam film industry. M.A Rahman an old student of the college, is a widely acclaimed writer, photographer and film director.

With a close examination to these persons, it is obvious that Dr. Benjamin, prof. Anandakuttan, M. Thomas Mathew are the monumental writers and literary critics in Malayalam. Dr. Aliyar specialized in the field of acting and dubbing in Malayalam film industry. He is also a play writer in Malayalam literature. K. Ibrahim (Ibrahim Bevinje) is another one who is a known critic and Columnist. M. Abdul Rahman (M.A. Rahman) who is an eminent Photographer, Cine director and Storywriter in Kerala. Dr. Balanandan is a Novelist around the world of Malayalam literature.

Cultural and Literary activities

Cultural activities are in full swing through the Malayalam department during the time of     the beginning of college. Important among them was MALAYALAM SAMAJAM a    cultural organization meant for stimulating the interests of the students in the field of art and literature. The well-renounced writer in Malayalam Sri M.T. Vasudevan Nair inaugurated this organization during the year 1975.

After a short while B. Balanandan institute a cultural forum named KASARAGOD CULTURAL FORUM  including staff members of this department, helps not only the students of this college but also the student s from outside. A number of competitions conducted for school college students in the field of story writing, verification and gave awards to them as matter of recognition according to their performance. M.A. Rahman launched a cultural media named BHAHUVACHANAM, which aims to develop the artistic potential and talents of students.

 P.P Prasannan commenced a spectacular media for integrating various languages under a single title named BHASHASANGAMAVEDI ON NOVEMBER 2004 ONWARDS. Dr. Ambikasuthan mangad in the presence of Dr. V.C. Sreejan inaugurated this cultural and linguistic media. The greatest achievement of the Forum is the publication of book called ‘Oru Margin free swapnam’ (a Margin Free Dream), Which is a collection of short stories written by talented students of our college.

In 2006 Bahuvachanam has celebrated the birth Centinery of veteran poet P. Kunhiraman Nair. In connection that Malayalm department various literary activities including Poetry, Short story and Essay Writing competitions. A souvenir called ‘kaliyachante Kalpadukal’ also published. Besides that the centinery programme was devided as Aksharanjali, Kavyanjali, Chithranjali, and Natyanjali. Also a dramatic version of the poem ‘Kaliyachan’ was performed by Santhosh Panayal, a former student. In 2007 we have published a printed version of ‘Bahuvachanam’ literary magazine. Department has conducted a progamme in memory of the poets late T. Ubaid, Koormal Ezhuthachan and P. Bhaskaran. It was a tribute to the great poets of kasaragod who fought against the discriminations with society. On that occasion students of Malayalam dept. published a folk song collection titled Pattukkottam. The entire programme was titled as Pattukkoottam. The old song tradition prevailed in Kasaragod called pattukkoottam was recreated by the students of Malayalam Dept. 

Ibrahim Bevinje statrted literary forum named ‘AKAM’ in 2007. Now it launched     a   cultural platform named ‘MALAYALAM SAHITHYA VEDI’ which aims to develop the artistic potential and talents of students.   Presently it well worked in deferent grounds of cultural and literal field incorporating with different renounced persons in the same meadow. Under the Malayalam sahithyavedi a programme was conducted to facilitate Gyanpeed award winner Sri. O.N.V.Kurup on October 14th 2010. Famous critics and columnist gave a lecture about O.N.V. Kurup. In this programme students from various department recited Onv’s poems, sang film lyrics and drama songs. There was an interaction programme of students with famous Malayalam Novelist and former student of this college Dr. Ambikasuthan Mangad on August 2011. Interaction programme mainly based on the topic Ambikasuthan’s famous novel ‘Marakkappile Theyyangal’ which is included in Malayalam syllabus.Wall magazine ‘VAGARTHA’  was inaugurated by Dr. Ambikasuthan Mangad on the same day.

Output of the Department

Referring the output of the department, it is quiet enviable that former students of this department has been worked as teachers in this department. Important among them was M.A. Rahman (critic, Photographer, Film director) and Ibrahim Bevinje (Critic),. Moreover, former students of this college are famous in various spheres of influence. Some of them are Melath Chandrashekaran (Poet),  Rathnakaran Mangad ( Writer and Journalist ), Dr. Ambikasuthan Mangad (Novelist and Shortstory writer), Radhakrishnan Perumbala (Poet), Rahim Panathoor(Poet)  Dr. Rahim kadavath (Novelist), C. Raghavan (Translator), Santhosh Panayal (Novelist), Divakar Vishnumangalam (Poet) and Hashim Nullypady. In that manner, by all means, the Malayalam Department of Kasaragod Government college continuing its glorious triumph towards future.

Job Opportunity of Courses

1. Teacher
2. Translator
3. Freelancer
4 Private tutors
5 Consecutive Interpreters
6. General Interpreter
7. Liaison Interpreter
8. Customer Service Associate
9. Personnel Manager
10. Economist
11. Sociologist
12. Political Scientist
13. Relation Executive
14. Journalist in visual media
15. Journalist in print media

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