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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell functions as the nodal agency within the college to ensure the overall quality of academic and extracurricular activities of the college. The current roster of members of the cell is given below:

IQAC Roaster

Dr. Rema M. – Principal in Charge – Chairperson
Sri. Raveendranath Rai – Senior Superintendent
Dr. Jijo P. U. – Associate Professor of Physics – Coordinator
Sri Asif Iqbal Kakkasseri – Assistant Professor of Geology – Member
Dr. Balakrishna B. M. – Assistant Professor of Kannada – Member
Sri Ismayil P. – Assistant Professor of Economics – Member
Ms. Jasna K. A. – Assistant Professor of Commerce – Member
Dr. Babitha K. V. – Assistant Professor of Mathematics – Member
Dr. Ashraff P. C. – Assistant Professor of Malayalam – Member
Dr. Jayasekhar S., Senior Scientist, CPCRI – External Nominated Member from Industry/Research.
Dr. Sijin Kumar A. V., Assistant Professor of Geology, Central University of Kerala – External Nominated Member from Academia.
Dr. V. Gopinathan, Deputy Director of Collegiate Education(Rtd) – Alumni Member.
Vice President of PTA – Representative of Parents.
College Union Chairman – Student Representative.

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