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The Department of History has been functioning since the inception of the College in 1957. At that time, there was only one year Pre University Course affiliated to the Kerala University. Later in 1964, PUC was replaced by the Pre Degree Course. B.A Degree in History was started in 1975. 

The Department offers B.A in History with Politics and Economics as Subsidiaries. Besides this, it handles the subsidiary papers of British History and World History of B.A English Main and Modern Indian History for BA Economics. The Department had a good collection of Library books which have now been shifted to the General Library as part of the centralization process.


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Teaching field: A student with a B A Degree in history can join the teaching profession at the school level upon the completion of the training program, and after completing the postgraduate degree can become a professor at a college or university level if he or she meets the qualifications defined by the UGC. A history student can make a valuable contribution to the field of social science research, especially to preserve our great heritage and morals.

After completing the BA History degree, one can get employment in the Departments of Archives and Archaeology and related sub-sectors. There are many opportunities for history graduate students in the fields of print, digital, and visual media. 

History degree students will be able to pass competitive examinations in various occupations ranging from Last Grade Servant to Indian Administrative Service. In the civil service, many history graduates have reached various positions such as IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS.  Indian History is an integral part of the IAS Syllabus for the Preliminary and Main Examinations. A degree in history will help us to pass many exams at the state level.

In the field of banking, the study of history will enable each student to reach positions such as bank clerks and probationary officers. Many opportunities for military service are open to degree holders. After completing a postgraduate degree in social work, one can get a job in Hospital Management and Human Resource Management. There are many opportunities for history graduates and postgraduates in the field of tourism and travel management.

Many private companies generally consider candidates with a degree in history as clerks, office managers, or company secretaries. Those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in history can find various employment opportunities in foreign countries.

The study of the social sciences, especially history, is essential in shaping socially conscious citizens. Our society needs students who are truthful, loving and compassionate. People studying humanities need to pay close attention to the fact that they have great job potential.

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