Birds are God's natural drones.

Birds Club

Birds Club

Birds Club International is a noncommercial organisation that aims at promoting global
interest in birds, conservation of nature and the environments through public campaigns and
education. Started in 2010, by National and International award winning Indian filmmaker,
JayarajRajasekharan Nair, as part of Jayaraj Foundation, it is registered as a charitable
organisation to revive and conserve environment, by tapping and utilising optimum natural
resources with the focus on BIRDS to convey our message. Birds are beautiful, inspirational,
appeals to all geographies and also serve as excellent flagships and vital environmental
indicators of the climate and weather conditions of any place. By focusing on birds, and the
sites and habitats on which they depend, the Birds Club International aims at improving the
quality of life of birds, other species of insects and animals (biodiversity), and people at large.
Birds play a number of roles in any ecosystem. They play a balancing role in the ecosystem
and are part of cultural enhancement and part of tasks such as predation, pollination and seed
dispersal. Birds Club Intl. aims at evolving rain groves in the rather dull concrete jungles of
our world. These groves will build sustainable ecosystems which would also help in soil and
water conservation. These would become homes to a number of birds’ species, insects,
animals and plants that help preserve nature.The vision of Birds Club International is to
provide a forum for all across countries, to share their interest in birds and preserving the
nature at its best, aiming at gradual and sustainable developments in the process. We strive to
address, in all ways we can, a number of issues that affect us, our wildlife and habitats; by
undertaking activities and projects, we seek to persuade people to revive, protect and preserve
our environments. As much as we appreciate the beauty of birds and nature, it is as well a
need of the hour to protect it as we are a part of this allembracing nature and our survival also
inevitably depends on it; as also on the vital role we play in preventing to the extent we can,
the adverse effects such as rising temperatures, climatic changes and so on.

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