College Development Committee

Chairman: District Collector

Secretary & Treasurer: Principal 

Teacher nominated by College Council: Sri Arunkumar R. 

The Vice President of P.T.A.: Mr. Premjith A

President, Alumni Association: P. P. Madhavan Nair

Chairman, Collge Union: –

Executive Engineer ( Buildings ): –

Four Persons nominated by DCE: 1) Dr U. Maheshwari

                                                               2) Prof. V, Gopinathan

                                                               3) Prov. M. Gopalan

                                                               4) Adv. Radhakrishanan Perumbala

(Subject to ratification by DCE )

Department Contact Info


+04994 256027

Mon – Fri 9:30A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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