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One of the oldest centres of Arabic learning in the state, this department began functioning in 1969. Since then the teaching of Arabic language and literature continued at the undergraduate level. The Post Graduate programme in Arabic (MA Arabic) was started in 1993. Apart from the richness of thoughts and clarity of expression which the study of Arabic offers, it provides a familiar source of learning for pupils who are conventionally trained to read passages from the best books in Arabic. The establishment of this department has encouraged underprivileged students to take up education at the university level. The scheme and syllabi of the programmes are prepared by the board of studies under the Kannur University. The syllabi aim to enable the students to pursue higher studies and to take up a job in India or abroad. India has strong cultural, economic, and political ties with the Arabic speaking world. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students are imparted with the political history, social conditions, and cultural life of the people of Arab world. The department has succeeded in producing several batches of BA and MA degree holders. Many of them are working in oil-rich gulf countries. Many Arabic teachers of the district are products of the department. More than 5 national and international journals and periodicals are made available for the use of students. From 2008, the degree programme has been converted to choice based credit and semester system. The Department acts as a centre of English-Arabic and Arabic-English translation of business, travel, civil and legal documents. The department is a full-fledged department with 5 class rooms, one staffroom, HOD‟s room, one library, and a computer lab. There mare 6 permanent teachers and two guest faculty. One of the teachers is a PhD and others are doing their doctoral studies. The department has secured good percentages of pass ranging from 60-100% in the university exams.


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BA Arabic

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  • Teaching Arabc in India and abroad
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Travel and tourism related jobs
  • Secretarial works with expertise in Arabic


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