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Department of Botany

The Department of Botany has been functioning since the inception of the college in 1957. At that time there was only the Pre-University Course, affiliated to the University of Kerala. Botany was offered as a subsidiary subject for B. Sc. Zoology course from 1968 onwards. B.Sc. Course in Botany was started in the year 1978 with Chemistry and Zoology as subsidiary subjects.


Academic Performance


BSc Botany

Job Opportunity of Courses

Food companies
Biotechnology firms
a. Fermentation Industries
b. Production of enzymes and organic acids, hormones etc.
c. Genetic engineering- production of transgenic plants, microbes
d. Microbiologists
e. Oil Industry
Environment consultant: providing inputs and advice for the conservation of the environment,
environmental impact assessment
Agriculture including Mushroom production
Plant breeder- High yielding varieties
Tissue culture companies
Garden Management, Aquarium plants sales and exports
Landscaping and Nursery Manager
Farm supervisors and field officers as in Rubber Board, spices board etc.
Plant biochemists & Forensic labs
Pharmacognosy herbal drug Production
Molecular biologist expert technicians for RTPCR, Electrophoresis etc.
Forest Services IFS, Forest rangers, conservationists etc.
Seed and Nursery Companies
Plant Health Inspection Services
Biological specimen Supply Houses
Educational Institutions-as academicians
Paleaobotanists- in Archaeology, Palynologists in petroleum and coal mining
Cytotechnicians in Cancer Research

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