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National Service Scheme


The NSS Unit was introduced in this college in 1969. The aim of NSS is to promote national consciousness and a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour and to help students to develop their personality. NSS special camps are arranged during December every year. More than hundred boys and girls participate in the camps. Rural areas are selected for community service and educational programmes. Besides the annual camp, regular works in the college campus are also undertaken. Students who attend the camp are given a certificate and are eligible for grace marks for seeking admission to higher courses. At present there are two units attached to the Kannur University.

Programme Officers

  1. Dr Ashalatha C. K.
  2. Asif Iqbal Kakkassery

Volunteer Secretaries

Ladhish M (B A History)
Chithra T (B A Malayalam)
Abhijith V S (BSC. Botany)
Sethulakshmi V S (BSC. Chemistry)
Shreyes C S (B.Com)
Athira K (BSC. Chemistry)


  1. The National Service Scheme of Govt. college Kasaragod has been doing remarkable work Every year. The unit      has been at the forefront of all the activities in the college and has offered many selfless services to society. The      NSS units have already bagged about 15 State awards, 32 University Award
  2.  State Award for Best NSS Unit 2019
  3.  2019 Best Nss programme Officer State Award winner Dr Vinayan T
  4.  Kannur university  Best Nss unit for the Last 6 years 
  5. 2020 Kannur University Best NSS programme officer award winner Prof. Sujatha S 
  6.  On behalf of youth forum 2021 Volunteer Secretary Anagha K. selected for the camp which held in Vienna
  7.  Volunteer Secretary Akash P Participated At Pre-RDC National Camp at Tamilnadu in Nov 2020
  8.  Volunteer Manish Kumar Participated in NSS youth festival 2017
  9.  Manish Kumar Selected as Kerala state Best Nss volunteer 2018
  10. Ancy Andrews selected as Kannur university best NSS volunteer 2020
  11. Anoop.m Selected as Kannur University Best NSS volunteer 2019
  12. Anagha K. and Akash P Selected as Kannur University Best NSS volunteer 2021

Major Activities

Every year  NSS volunteers select participated in State level, National
level, and District level camps.
Observed important days.
  1. Inside the Campus: Seminars & Awareness classes, rallies, cleaning activities 
  2. Outside the Campus: blood donation, cleaning Programme, construction of
  3. roads to help tribal people and people in remote areas.
  4. constructed Snehaveed for Our college students by NSS volunteer
  5. Conducted classes on Health & Environmental issues. 
  6. During covid Lockdown Volunteers participated in Sannadhasena
  7. During Covid Lockdown Volunteer be the part of Mask making, Sanitizer Distribution & Premonsoon cleaning 
  8. volunteer participate every year  Inter-college Bio-diversity camp atNISARGA, Bedrampalla
  9. Volunteers be the part of WeDeserve – Disability determination camp organised Kerala Social Security Mission, Kasaragod
  10. Conduct Blood Donation Camp Every year, About 150 units of blood are donated. 
  11. Conducted Blood Donation Camp & Hair Donation for Cancer Patients During Covid lockdown
  12.  10 Volunteers Participated in Scuba Diving & Adventure Camp at Munnar on Jan 2021

List of programmes organised

 *Environmental programmes
 *Beach Cleaning
 *Green Campus Clean Campus
 *Hair donation for cancer patients
 *Blood Donation
 *Garden At College – Rent Garden,Fruits & herbal Garden & Biodiversity Garden 
*Self defense class & Yoga
 *Rallies on peace and communal harmony AIDS and cancer awareness Programmes
 *Camp and cultural exchange programme at Government Blind School, Vidyanagar
Plastic eradication programme & paper bag training programme
 *Cleaning programme, Kasaragod Municipality Communal harmony
 *Anti-dowry women Empowerment programmes
 *Participated in the movement for banning endosulfan
 *Survey on Malaria at Kasaba Beech of Kasaragod on 2009
 *Volunteers conducted BPL-Astraya survey to find out genuine BPL beneficiaries
 *Nature study camp at Aralam wild life sanctuary
 *Panchayath data collection at Enmakaje and Madhur Grama Panchayath
 *Energy conservation survey conducted on 2010
 *Palliative care unit started under the leadership of NSS
 *Formed a channel to protect 75 acres of paddy land at Perla during the special Camp in Dec 2007
*Volunteers participated in the 107 Interstate Cultural Youth Exchange Programme at Shimog (Jan. 2008) 
 *Two NSS volunteers participated in the Kannada Fest at New Delhi in 2009
 *Roads constructed by NSS volunteers 
Bajakudlu Road (Dec.2007); Bedrampalla-Nadubail Road (Dec.2008); Ballambettu-Kudupankuzhi Road (Dec.2009)Katukukke-Ajiladka(Dec.2010) Patladala-Banputhadka Road (Dec.2011)

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