Bhoomithrasena Club

Bhoomithrasena Club

Bhoomithrasena Club (BMC), the army of nature lovers, is a club of GCK that essentially stands for Nature and strives for pressuring it in all its sanctity. The idea of BMC was conceived by the Directorate of Environment and Climate change, Govt. of Kerala. The club functions by propagating the needs for nature conservation among the youth. Seminars, debates, field visit, intercollegiate competitions, nature camps, cleanliness drives and many more activities that would instil the gravity of nature conservation, are conducted by the club. The club is known for its cause-centric ventures and effective implementation. The National Seminar conducted annually is the major highlights of the club. The club also widens its horizon by lending a helping hand to the needy in society and thus offer you a great platform to empathize with the struggling ones around you. In a nutshell, the BMC fulfilled by hard works and unit is one of the best platforms for you to discover the love for nature in you.


Biju P.
Asst. Prof. in Botany
ph: 9947771529

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Mon – Fri 9:30A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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