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Dept. of Zoology

Asha G.

Assistant Professor on Contract | M.S.c, PhD (Submitted), MPhil



  • Ph.D. in Zoology Zoology, Central University of Kerala (2014-2021, Thesis submitted)
  • MPhil. in Animal Taxonomy, Central University of Kerala (2012-2014)
  • MSc. in Animal Science, Central University of Kerala (2010-2012)
  • BSc. in Zoology, Government College Kasaragod (2007-2010)


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  • • G. Asha, K.K. Navya, T.P. Rajesh, Palatty Allesh Sinu (2021) Roller dung beetles of dung piles suggest habitats are alike, but that of guarding pitfall traps suggest habitat are different. Journal of Tropical Ecology. 37: 209-213.
  • • G. Asha and Palatty Allesh Sinu (2020) DNA barcode and phylogenetic analysis of dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, India. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science. 41: 119-1425
  • • Sangeetha Varma, T. P. Rajesh, K. Manoj, G. Asha, T. Jobiraj and Palatty Allesh Sinu (2020) Nectar robbers deter legitimate pollinators by mutilating flowers. Oikos. 129: 868-878.
  • • Poovoli Amina, Keloth Rajmohana, K. P. Dinesh, G. Asha, Palatty Allesh Sinu and Jobin Mathew (2019) Two new species of an Indian endemic genus Krishnacapritermes Chhotani (Isoptera: Termitidae) from the Kerala part of the Western Ghats, India. Oriental Insects. 54: 496-513.
  • • Kambli S., Aiswarya, M. S., Manoj, K., Sangeetha Varma, Asha, G., Rajesh, T. P., and Sinu, P.A. (2017) Leaf foraging sources of leafcutter bees in a tropical environment: implications for conservation. Apidologie 48: 473-482.
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