PhD Scholars – Kannada

PhD Research Guide.

Dr. Rathnakara Mallamoole
Associate Professor of Kannada.
Department of PG Studies and Research in Kannada.
Government College Kasaragod.


Research Scholar: 1

Vidyalakshmi K. (Thesis Submitted)

Topic : Kerala Kannada Text Book- Textual and Pedagogical aspects in learning – A study.
Research Scholar : 2.

Shivashankara P (Part time)

Topic : Padmashali Samudaya : Samskruthika Adhyayana.

Research Scholar : 3.

Sujatha S. (Part time)

Topic :
Bakuda Jananga – Ondu Samskruthika Ananyathe.
Research Scholar 4.

Dhanyashree R.L (JRF – Full time)

Topic: Transition of worship of Mugerlu Daiva : Analytical Study.